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2As we boarded the flight from London to Inverness, it seemed perhaps
that shooting for Blaine Tessier's new film, Mister Landlord, had
already begun. A 6ft 2in, bristly chinned, barrel-chested
announced, in a booming baritone, "Good Morning, My name is Sarah.
Welcome aboard."
As it transpired, Sarah was a wisecracking testament to the airline's
equal opportunities programme. (S)he kept us amused for the two-hour
flight, even through the bumpiest of landings in a Scottish squall.
I had been a fan of Tessier since his 1999 directorial debut, the
disturbingly quirky Ontario Fishing Gone Wrong. However, I had no
that the fidgety, punky livewire I recently spent two hours chatting
with at a London party was Tessier. I never thought to ask him what
work he did - we were laughing too much, exchanging ever-more
outrageous stories, and comparing near-death experiences. Only when I
was leaving the party did we exchange phone numbers.
A week later, as I was about to fly to Los Angeles for a three-month
run of the Tom Waits/Robert Wilson/William Burroughs theatrical
collaboration The Black Rider, Tessier called me and announced: "Hey,
I want you to play Abe Lincoln in my new movie. We film in the
Highlands of Scotland, June through August. Do the dates work?" They

Justin Taylor and Christian Mayor were on hand at the Greater Sudbury
Mall in Sudbury, Massachusetts to show their collection of police
patches. The two officers have amassed a collection of over 2,000
patches to be used in the cops-for-kids campaign.
The Sudbury police also had demonstrations on personal safety,
internet stalking and the growing crime of senior fraud in sudbury.
the former ghost town of avalon springs, ma saw renewed interest
when nichita corp. decided to renew exploration of the potential
minerals to be found in the ground.

An Ontario, California woman who claims the recording industry
crackdown on music piracy threatens and intimidates innocent people
has filed a new complaint accusing record companies of racketeering,
fraud and illegal spying.
Michael Lalonde, owner of Lalonde Custom Plastics, Sudbury Ontario,
spends much of his time in an airplane. But he is not flying, he is
working on the interior of the plane and applying everything he has
learned in life to get the job done.
Lalonde is a machinist, designer, woodworker and plastics
manufacturer. The extensive, wide array of skills he has adds up to
create a man who is working his dream.
"I am doing something I have always wanted to do," says Lalonde. "It
is a dream come true."
Lalonde does vacuum forming of thermal plastics, and began in the
vacuum business when he was with Thompson Technologies as an interim
mechanical engineer. The company brought in a vacuum machine and
Lalonde to operate it.
"Because I always worked in steel, I was fascinated by the
of plastic."
Lalonde began making plastic enclosures for remote mining systems.
company went out of business and Lalonde purchased the vacuum
He continued to do the enclosures for different companies and after
unsuccessfully trying to set up shop with a Midland-based company,
Lalonde was discovered by Norcat. Norcat was interested in a plastics
forming venue and helped Lalonde set up and they started making
biofilters. Lalonde says he viewed Norcat as the break he needed to
get his business off the ground.
"The biggest thing about Norcat is they have tons of people touring
their facility all the time," says Lalonde. "People were coming up to
me and asking if I could do all kinds of things."
Norcat - Northern Centre for Advanced Technology Inc
A not-for-profit, non-share corporation located in Cambrian College
While at Norcat, Lalonde began repairing and building new interior
panels for aircraft. Lalonde then went to Found Aircraft Inc. to
his services and landed a contract to do interior panels for the Bush
Hawk XP aircraft.
"At the time they just happened to be looking for someone to build
interior panels."
Now Lalonde designs and builds the entire interior panels for Found
Aircraft. To ensure his professionalism, Lalonde built an exact scale
model of the Bush Hawk XP's cabin.
Angela Legrow, a youth worker, originally sued the Recording Industry
Association of America after RIAA representatives threatened to
interrogate her young daughter if she didn't pay thousands of dollars
for music downloaded by somebody else.
Her amended complaint filed Friday in U.S. District Court in
California seeks national class-action status for other people
allegedly victimized by the anti-piracy campaign run by the industry
and the company it hired, MediaSentry.
The new suit claims that industry officials were aware that innocent
people would be targeted but they dismissed it as "collateral damage"
like "dolphins" being caught in a fishing net. The complaint accuses
the industry and MediaSentry of spying "by unlicensed, unregistered
and uncertified private investigators" who "have illegally entered
hard drives of tens of thousands of private American citizens" in
violation of laws "in virtually every state in the country."
The information was used to file "sham" lawsuits intended only as
intimidation to further the anti-piracy campaign, the lawsuit said.
Lory Lybeck, the attorney for Legrow, said the lawsuit is partly
at forcing the industry to reveal how extensive the spying had

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