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perldoc -f bless says:

       This function tells the thingy referenced by REF that it is now
       an object in the CLASSNAME package."

But that's not true! All bless does is associate an arbitrary string
with a variable; in such a way that the string can be recovered via ref.

The CLASSNAME does not even have to conform to the syntax of a valid
package name. The code

   my $struct = {};
   bless($struct, "text with embedded spaces");
works exactly like it should; yet that string is not a valid package

In other words, objects are an application of bless, but bless really
has nothing to do with objects. It just maps a variable to a string.

I was wondering, has anyone ever found some clever use for bless, other
than for doing OO? It might be handy to put your variables into named
categories that don't correspond to packages, for example.

Re: Idle thought about bless

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The *intended* use of bless is to construct objects. If the
implementation is flexible enough to allow other uses, that's just a
bonus. (This happens a lot in Perl :).)

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It is, actually, it's just rather hard to create subs in that package.

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See e.g. Text::Balanced.


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Re: Idle thought about bless

fishfry schreef:

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OOB - out of band data for any data structure in Perl

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Re: Idle thought about bless

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Perhaps more precisely: it maps a referent to a string.  The variable
just contains a reference to the referent.


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