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Gentlemen, ever wonder if there was an easier way to do
Well how about
Yes, that's right, a new special operator (I'm overloading ^ here, but
I'm sure you can choose a wiser one that will also work at the beginng
of a line.) Anyway, this brilliant concept I hereby toss to you (and
run away). Anyway, probably not worth implementing as the $1 stuff is
more general.

Re: idea: insertion operator

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Not quite as concise, but you can use


provided 'bla' is a fixed-length string; or, with 5.10,


for any pair of patterns.


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Re: idea: insertion operator

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IMO, the force-match-begin-here and force-match-end-here ARE crucial
for a good REx engine.  They would make 90% of usabe of lookahead and
lookbehind unnecessary.

(In your case, begin- and end-match-positions coincide; they should
not in general.  BTW - are there cases where putting end-match BEFORE
begin-match may have a reasonable semantic?)


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