ID3v2 cover art insertion with Perl?

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I'm struggling with my flac->mp3 music library maintenance script. based
on some net articles I have used MP3::Tag to attach cover art this way

use constant HEADER => ( chr(0x0) , "image/jpeg" , chr(0x0), "");

$img = new Image::Magick;
if (! $img->Read("$flacdir/cover.jpg")) {
  $id3v2->add_frame( "APIC", HEADER, $img->ImageToBlob(magick => 'jpg'));

There is also setting

MP3::Tag->config("id3v23_unsync_size_w" => "TRUE");

See e.g.

But I get corrupted cover art images in Amarok. iTunes and Windows Media
  Player seem to work with it. MediaTomb uPnP server + PS3 doesn't find
the pictures. I'd like to get MediaTomb that uses taglib for metadata to

There are Perl bindings for taglib in Audio::TagLib in CPAN. I'm able to
generate basic ID3v1 tags with it but nothing else since the
documentation is missing/minimal and I'm far from fluent in Perl to get
the information from Audio::TagLib source code. Any pointers how to do
proper ID3v2 APIC tags with Perl would be really helpful.

I found this but it seems to generate only ID3v1 tags based on "id3v2
-l" output and there is no example of
Audio::TagLib::ID3v2::AttachedPictureFrame /


Re: ID3v2 cover art insertion with Perl?

Seppo Ingalsuo wrote:

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As response to myself this seems to work ... :^)

         my $mp3 = Audio::TagLib::MPEG::File->new($outfile);
         my $id3v2 = $mp3->ID3v2Tag(1);
         if (open(PICFILE, "$flacdir/cover.jpg")) {
             $filesize = (-s PICFILE);
             read(PICFILE, $imgdata, $filesize);
             my $imgbv = Audio::TagLib::ByteVector->new();
             my $bv = Audio::TagLib::ByteVector->new("APIC");
             my $field =
Audio::TagLib::ID3v2::AttachedPictureFrame->new($bv, "UTF8");


Re: ID3v2 cover art insertion with Perl?

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the script works fine. the cover will be displayed on windows
mediaplayer 11.. but ther is NO cover on ps3 (mediatomb).

Re: ID3v2 cover art insertion with Perl?

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Most software handling ID3v2 is horribly buggy.  Most creators produce
a broken MP3 file.  Most readers reject conforming ID3v2 tags.

grep docs of MP3::Tag for ITunes...

Hope this helps,

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