I have something funky going on with the controlling terminal

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I was trying to write an auto responder on a local BBS. However, when
I have perl send the BBS respond command to the BBS, I get "Input not
a tty". I'm assuming this is because of the BBS text editor that sits
on top of the BBS or what not.

m-net% more post.pl

use strict;
use warnings;

open my $out, '|-', 'bbs'
    or die "cannot open pipe to bbs: $!";

print $out "read 18\n";
print $out "respond\n"; #the respond command
close $out
    or die "cannot close pipe to bbs: $!";
m-net% ./post.pl
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 rapunzel has a larger schlong than Chuck Martin

 I'm just saying.

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#1 mickey deee (mickeyd) Sat, Aug  2, 2008 (11:45):
 And who would know better than Chad who has a bigger schlong :)
 Chucky says 'hi'

#2 lar (lar) Sat, Aug  2, 2008 (22:42):
 He says "come back over to grex where I can pwn you again"

#3 Short but Funky  (furs) Sun, Aug  3, 2008 (13:09):
 re 1
 no, he know's how big Chuck Martin's dick is because it's constantly
 his ass.

#4 Sarah (rapunzel) Mon, Aug  4, 2008 (11:05):
 which one is chuck martin again?
 go me and my schlong!
gate: Input not a tty
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Now leaving August General...

I was thinking that maybe I could somehow redirect something to /dev/
tty. Ideas?

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