Hunter Fan Permalife Air Purifier

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I purchased the 30547 in Jan 09, and the results have been remarkable. I was
unable to sleep b/c of the large amount of dust in the bedroom air. I live in a
very old historic home, and the bedroom into which it is placed measures about
15x20 feet, and the ceilings are over 10 feet high.  This unit has no problem
maintaining a very high air quality in this size room.  With the ionizing
feature, the room has been given a very relaxed and cozy feel, and I now sleep
like Sleeping Beauty.  In fact, the unit works so well, I rarely need to dust as
I once did.  The room has hardwood floors, and even they remain much cleaner
than before.    I would recommend this product to anyone needing to improve the
air quality in a large room.  Even if I cannot find permanent filter
replacements at the time I should need to... this unit was worth every dollar it
cost me.
....that Hunter has discontinued this product. The "Permalife" filter is
anything but permanent, and they are getting harder to get.  When you can get
them, they run about $90.00 apiece.    I've only had mine since August, and
already I've had to change the "Permalife" filter once because it was so clogged
up the purifier was bogging down.    Hunter has replaced this unit with the
model 30525, which appears to be the same unit but with an available (and
cheaper) filter.  This really is an excellent purifier, keeping smoke and cat
dander down to nothing, and I love the programming options on it. But I feel a
bit cheated because of the "Nonpermalife" filters and it being discontinued so
soon after purchasing it.  Caveat Emptor.
You WILL have to buy replacement filters.  The charcoal pre-filters need to be
vacuumed and/or replaced often.  I have had mine for 2 years now and the main
filter needs to be replaced.  It is black and moldy so cannot run the purifier
with it like that.  They are real expensive to replace.
this is ranked 3rd overall in consumer reports and now we know why!!!! I will
tell you we noticed a difference after 15 minutes of it running on high, we have
2 cats a bird and placed this in our basement downstairs, I love the auto
feature where it has its own cycles through the day/night. I highly recommend
this! PLUS no clostly filters to replace!
Tired of buying expensive particle filter replacements for your air purifier?
You wont have to with the Hunter PermaLife 30547 Air Purifier! This large room
air cleaner features a permanent, vacuum-friendly particle filter that collects
99.5% of smaller pollen, dust, and mold particles. To keep the PermaLife filter
in top cleaning condition, simply vacuum it every 3 to 6 months. This will save
you hundreds of dollars over traditional air purifiers that require replacement
filters just as often. The whisper-quiet unit purifies areas sized up to 510 sq.
ft. and includes an odor-absorbing carbon pre-filter as well as an independent
ionizer to help the unit capture particles more easily. For simplified control,
use the programmable LCD panel to select and maintain the most effective
purification speed. Energy Star-compliant and carrying AHAM-certified CADR
ratings, the Hunter 30547 unit is the ideal combination of powerful air cleaning
technology, speed, and usability. In 2007, it earned a top-three air purifier
ranking by Consumer Reports magazine.


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