How trigger a smart link?

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Hi All,

A smart link, such as:

form action=" ?
fp=DFtkog3JAt1oEGIvh5" method="post"

with escape characters fp=DFtkog3JAt1oEGIvh5 attached, to provide
state identifiers of CGI script. If I fill the form and click the
Submit button, the form will be uploaded. However, I want to submit
the form by manually input the web address. I know that there are two
fields in the login page, username and password. So, if there are
escape characters fp=DFtkog3JAt1oEGIvh5, I can do the loggin by typing
in the address entry as:

Here, the myID and secret are my real userID and password. Then, I can
loggin my account without filling the HTML form and click the Submit

But, with the escape characters fp=DFtkog3JAt1oEGIvh5 around, I
failed. I got an error message as:

cgi-bin/login.cgi was not found. I know the CGI script login.cgi was

Somebody can help? I tried to find a book to read, but didn't get one.
How can I trigger the CGI script without being bothered by the ugly
escape characters?


Muddy Coder

Re: How trigger a smart link?

Muddy Coder wrote:

Quoted text here. Click to load it
Quoted text here. Click to load it

Why not just use:

Of course, I can't tell exactly what your issue is to say that's the
solution.  How exactly were you trying the p=DFtkog3JAt1oEGIvh5 in the
URL where it resulted in a 404 (file/page not found) error?
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