how to respond to remote prompt

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This is an automated Cisco VPN login using the Cisco command line
vpnclient. Help is here:
The CLI syntax is follows:

C:\Program Files\Cisco Systems\VPN Client> vpnclient connect PROFILE

Formally, my script would execute this:
 - system("vpnclient connect MCVPN USERNAME PASSWORD");
which would give the following message:
 - Your VPN connection is secure.

The Networking Gods have now implemented a FERPA warning, which
contains the following statement:
 - ... complies with the FERPA Act of 1974 ...
 - Do you wish to continue? (y/n):
On the command line, I enter a 'Y' with the same results as before.

But now my script hangs. I can type a 'Y' manually and log in, but
that requires me to be at the keyboard every time the script runs. If
I were here, I wouldn't need the script.

I've tried the 'print "y\n";' trick, tried IO::Handle, IO::Socket,
looked at Expect, but nothing as yet has worked. The login doesn't
respond to any attempt at creating any kind of socket object, but only
to the Cisco vpnclient command.

I'm working on a Windows client running ActiveState Perl 5.12.


Thanks, CC.

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