How to make PerlScript work in firefox3 on xpsp3

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How to make PerlScript work in firefox3 on xpsp3?

I had asked it in ff support group and a member answered:
 > Perl is not natively supported. You will need a Perl interpreter as an
 > external processor.
 > You need to identify and use an external protocol handler and identify
 > what interfaces have to be used.

What do I do? I have latest activeperl installed on my box but I think
browser compatibility for perlscript shouldn't really need full fledged
perl installation, like javascript doesn't need java. Isn't it so?
Though I would need the perl installation for other developments.


Re: How to make PerlScript work in firefox3 on xpsp3

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JavaScript is completely unrelated to Java. The similar names are very
unfortunate (blame Netscape's marketing department: the language was
originally called LiveScript). PerlScript, OTOH, is just perl installed
as a Windows ActiveX scripting language, so you *do* absolutely need a
full (ActiveState) perl install.

I have no idea if it's possible to use PerlScript from within Firefox. I
strongly suspect it's not: AFAIK, FF doesn't support ActiveX scripting
at all, so it won't support PerlScript either. If you can find anything
that tells you how to use VBScript (or any other ActiveX language: are
there others?) from within FF, the answer will apply to PerlScript.

The answer you were given refers to using Perl as a URL protocol
handler, without bothering with PerlScript. FF allows you to create your
own URL schemes, so you could define perl:// URLs which you could
(somehow) associate with an appropriate interpreter. I don't think you
could (easily) get at the DOM, though, as you can with JavaScript.

Basically: I think what you're trying to do can't be done, and any
further questions about it belong in a Firefox group, not here.


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Re: How to make PerlScript work in firefox3 on xpsp3

On 8/16/2008 2:22 PM India Time, _Ben Morrow_ wrote:

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Thanks, Ben. A disappointing answer, but the bitter truth is truth.

Google threw the following page adding the same:
Re: Firefox Script
by wfsp (Monsignor) on Jan 25, 2008 at 16:58 UTC

       The Active Perl
docs say:

           PerlScript is an ActiveX scripting engine that allows you to
use Perl with any ActiveX scripting host. At this time, ActiveX
scripting hosts include:

           Internet Information Server 3.0/4.0/5.0
           Peer Web Services 3.0/4.0
           Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0x
           Windows Scripting Host

No FF. :-(

k. would try it on ie6.

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