how to install WWW::Mechanize using yum

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I'm on CentOS 5.4 with perl 5.8.8 and I'm trying to install
WWW::Mechanize.  I try to install Perl modules using "yum" whenever
possible because it seems to keep track of what prerequisites are
missing and install those prerequisites automatically, and other
housekeeping.  It seems that if I install some modules with "yum" and
other modules without yum, then yum gets confused about whether those
modules are installed or not...

Anyway, by Googling "yum install" together with "WWW::Mechanize" I
found that I can supposedly install it using "yum install perl-WWW-
Mechanize", if I first add the right repository to /etc/
yum.repos.d/ .  I found this page:

which told me to create elastix.repo in /etc/yum.repos.d/ and copy and
paste the text on that page into that file, which I did.  However even
after doing that, I still get the error "No package perl-WWW-Mechanize

I couldn't find any other pages on Google even referring to a
repository that contained perl-WWW-Mechanize.  Is there some other way
to install it using yum?

More generally, if I have the name of a package that I want to install
using yum (although this is generalizing beyond Perl-specific issues),
is there a way to search for a repository that contains it?  Other
than just Googling.  Like a centralized repository search engine?

Re: how to install WWW::Mechanize using yum

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This is generally true of package management systems, though there are
exceptions. Some systems provide a simple tool for turning a CPAN
distribution into a package you can install, which can be useful when
you want to install a module that isn't packaged.

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These questions are all about using yum. They are nothing to do with
perl. I suggest you ask on a RedHat specific group or mailing list.


Re: how to install WWW::Mechanize using yum

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Due to this, I try to always keep the system perl (/usr/bin/perl)
separate and distinct from my own perl (usually installed into either /
opt/perl or else ~/opt/perl).

This way, with your system perl you *only* use `aptitude`/`yum`, and
with your own perl you *only* use `cpanp`/`cpan`.


Re: how to install WWW::Mechanize using yum

On Thu, 12 Nov 2009 17:50:32 -0800, Bennett Haselton wrote:

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