How to create an OO spreadsheet?

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I'd like to create a small OO spreadsheet.
Apparently the OpenOffice::OODoc module should do the trick, but I can't
get more than a single cell, no matter whether I use the commented out
lines or the two below them:

#! /usr/bin/perl

use warnings;
use strict;
use OpenOffice::OODoc;

my $doc = odfDocument(
        file      => "accounts.ods",
        create    => 'spreadsheet',
        part      => 'content',
my $sheet = $doc->normalizeSheet("Sheet1", 10, 10);
# $doc->updateCell($sheet, 1, 1, "One Cell");
# $doc->updateCell($sheet, 0, 0, "Another Cell");
set($doc, 'Sheet1', 0, 0, 'One Cell');
set($doc, 'Sheet1', 1, 1, 'Another Cell');



sub set {
    my ($doc, $sheet, $row, $col, $text) = @_;

    my $cell = $doc->getTableCell($sheet, $col, $row);
    $doc->cellValueType($cell, 'string');
    $doc->cellValue($cell, $text);

Does anyone have a hint for me?


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