How do I call Rakudo?

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  I have downloaded »strawberry perl« and started the »portable
  padre« IDE. I enabled the Perl6 plugin from the IDE plugin
  manager and tried to run a Perl 6 script from the IDE.

  It was missing a "PCT.PBC" file. So I installed Parrot 0.8.2
  into the directory »C:\GABOR\PARROT«. Now, the IDE finds the
  file, there is no more error reported, but also no output (the
  Perl 6 script should output someting). When I use »F5« to
  start the script, the output window remains empty, and there
  also is no error message in the IDE>

  The console shows several messages »NOT A DIBSECITON«.
  Possible, this is an IDE-related problem. I seem to have the
  necessary software. How can I invoke Rakudo from the command
  line instead of the »padre« IDE?

  When I call the perl.exe that comes with rakudo to execute a
  Perl 6 script, it just says »Perl v6.0.0 required--this is
  only v5.10.0«.

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