Honeywell 50150 Pure HEPA Round Air Purifier

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I purchased this "air purifier" from a local retailer with the thought it would
clean the air in my home. After the first week of using the product I began to
notice a fine black dust around the rooms I was using it in. The BLACK DUST
problem became worse and as it turns out it was from the carbon(charcoal) filter
in this air purifier. The unit blows (exhaust) air straight up--about like a box
fan on "High" setting. It does not clean off very easy as the dust particles are
so fine and now I must repaint the rooms I used this in. I am returning this to
the retailer tomorrow!
If you wake up in the morning with a runny nose, itchy and swollen eyes, or
experience frequent sneezing and wheezing, you may be reacting to airborne
contaminants. Indoor air is loaded with microscopic dust mite allergen, animal
dander, room dust, mold spores, bacteria, viruses and more. These contaminants
all contribute to poor indoor air quality which is ranked among the top five
environmental risks to public health. And because modern homes and offices are
built to airtight specifications to conserve energy, airborne particles just
remain in the air with nowhere else to go. No wonder your system is on overload,
but a True HEPA Air Cleaner can help! HEPA filters remove 99.97% of airborne
particles down to .3 microns. Plus, independent lab tests have shown that the
Honeywell 50150 helps reduce airborne germs, bacteria, mold spores and fungus
with up to 100% efficiency.* A survey conducted by Riter Research found that, of
physicians that recommended air cleaners, 93% consider HEPA filtration to be
very effective and the majority of those physicians recommend Honeywell
enviracaire specifically.   The 50150 Model features 360 degree air intake with
updraft clean air exhaust, a 3-speed motor, and a Permanent HEPA Filter. The
Intelli-Check electronic filter monitor reminds you when to clean** the HEPA
filter and replace the pre-filter. The 50150 is fairly portable with a top hand
grip and weighs 17 lbs. The unit does not require assembly and the filters come
installed, just plug it in and start breathing clean air tonight. This unit is
great for a medium bedroom or office and is rated for a 15' x 15' room
This unit is pretty huge. You can't just put it off in the corner of a room. It
moves a lot of air and is noisy on the medium and high settings. I run it in the
bedroom at night as much for background noise as for purifying. It seems to help
a little with allergies with some odors.
This air cleaner seems to work well, but as other reviews state, it's quite
loud, even on the lowest setting. The description mentioned that this was the
(newer) model with the permanent HEPA filter, however the unit I received was
the (older) model with filters that require periodic replacement. The response
from Amazon after inquiry to get and exchange for the described unit was "We are
not currently set up for exchanges...". They went on further to say: "I've
checked our records and see that you placed an order for the Honeywell 50150
version of this item please note this version does take a replacement filter."
although the description clearly stated otherwise. The lesson learned is not
rely on the descriptions given by Amazon, but look at the model number and
research elsewhere what the item you're buying really is.
I placed an order for this item based on the good reviews and the new permanent
HEPA filter.  When I received it, it was indeed the 50150, but obviously an
older model, as the product did not match the photo, and the HEPA filter
required replacement (the specifications on this page list a permanent HEPA).
Customer service immediately sent me a new one, and once again, I received the
same older model.   While the product seems to work fairly well, buyers should
be cautious that Amazon may not be sending you this newest model.
True HEPA filter removes 99.97% of all airborne particlesfrom the air passing
through the filter such as pollen, cat dander,household dust, tobacco some &
mold spores


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