having some trouble with character substitution/regX

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I have a file that includes some directory paths and I want to use PERL
to change the file paths

I want to substitute this line of text:

.include '/doob/fred/bicmos/rev8/models/2010.11.07/hop/'

with this line of text:

.include 'D:/spi_models/TI/Hspice/'

and thought I would use the following code to do the job:

if (/include/)

but, the result is that the substitution does not occur.

Any ideas as to why, and how to fix it?



Re: having some trouble with character substitution/regX

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Note that '.' is special in regular expressions. If you want to match a
literal string, the safest way is to use \Q:


You haven't posted a complete program. If I create a file doob

    .include '/doob/fred/bicmos/rev8/models/2010.11.07/hop/'

and then run

    % perl -pe'if (/include/) {
    }' doob

I get the output

    .include 'D:/spi_models/Tee/Hspice/'

as expected, so there must be something wrong with your program
somewhere else.


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