Handling two signal handler

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I have a application which multiple modules. Each module do some task.
I have a signal handler defined in the main.pl which is the starting
point to run the application.
I want to define signal handler in each module which will do specific
task and again raised a signal which will be handled by the global
signal handler.
The signal to be caught are same throughout, not specific to any class
or the global handler.
Scenario :
application.pl   define a a signal handler &globalhandler
      application.pl creates a object out of foo.pm and foo.pm defines
a handle &foo_cleaner
       when the execution is under the context of foo.pm object , a
INT signal caught. It will clean    up the required things populated
by foo.pm and then raised the same signal from foo_cleaner. After
raising the &globalhandler should be called means the global handler
will be caught.
I tried but didnt succeded.

Do you have guys any idea whether there is some way out???
Can i get two handlers with the same signal???

Re: Handling two signal handler

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What do you mean with "the context of foo.pm object"?

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You can have only a single signal handler for each signal. So
if the signal has been dealt with by foo_cleaner() then it's
used up. Raising it again would only lead to foo_cleaner() being
called again as long as it's still installed as the handler for
that signal.

What you can do is to simply call global_handler() from
foo_cleaner(). You can figure out its address by inspecting
the value of $SIG before you install foo_cleaner() as
the new signal handler. I.e. do

my $old_handler = $SIG{ INT };
$SIG{ INT } = \&new_handler;

sub new_handler {
    &$old_handler( @_ );
                             Regards, Jens
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Re: Handling two signal handler

On Nov 19, 10:24=A0pm, j...@toerring.de (Jens Thoms Toerring) wrote:
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I tried this before but it is not working in a threaded environment.
In context means , the object is created in a thread, but the signal
handler is installed at the
main application.  Here is the flow.
./main.pl creates a thread -> object of Execution.pm is created in the
thread -> The signal handler should be installed in this context when
the thread created the object of Execution.pm.

i am hunting for the solution, let me know if you found anything,

Re: Handling two signal handler

On Thu, 19 Nov 2009 22:10:31 -0800, sanjeeb wrote:

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Threads and signals don't mix, as noted in the threads documentation.
This makes Perl threads absolutely useless in my opinion. Try a fork
based solution instead.


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