GromPerl persistent Perl interpreter

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                    GromPerl persistent Perl interpreter

GromPerl is persistent Perl interpreter for unix-like operating systems
provided by Bauk web server's Grom persistent interpreter connector library.

Perl interpreter compiled and linked with Grom persistent interpreter
connector library produces Perl interpreter capable of operating in
persistent mode and executing *.pl scripts in web directory.


GromPerl persistent Perl interpreter
Grom persistent interpreter connector library

Re: GromPerl persistent Perl interpreter

On Tue, 15 Jul 2008 22:10:45 +0200, Gvdc wrote:

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What's the point of this post? I mean, is this an announcement? An
attempt at discussion? A request for feedback. If it is the latter, I can
give you some...

This is from your installation instructions:

- copy "libgromcgi.a" from Bauk's src dir to Perl's src dir.
- copy files from Bauk's "gromconnector/gromperl" connector dir into
        Perl's src dir. Perl's src dir should now contain files:
- change working dir to Perl src dir and execute command:
        make -f Makefile.gromperl  gromperl
    to create "gromperl" executable.
    If using Perl-5.10.0 version, compile by:
        make -f Makefile.gromperl.perl-5.10.0  gromperl

Honestly, what were you thinking? That is no way to embed perl into your

Also, your example scripts are totally 1996, please consider replacing
them with something - anything - else. Manually writing your headers is
not acceptable in the 21st century.

Leon Timmermans

Re: GromPerl persistent Perl interpreter

"Leon Timmermans" wrote in message
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No, correct would be to say GromPerl is persistent Perl interpreter.

Execution of multiple scripts by a single process eliminates the penalty of
creating a new process for each execution and as a result it provides higher
Theory is not everything, I suppose by what you say you maybe do not have
very much practical experience.

Outputting CGI headers is not a requirement, it's an option which in some
cases is desired and for that one can either write custom routines which is
straightforward or use pre built modules such as

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