GraphicsMagick for WinPerl 5.10.x ?

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I am doing a project where I need to create graphics from Perl.

Spent around two entire days being frustrated about the combinations of
ImageMagick / GraphicsMagick and Perl.


* ImageMagick seems to install for Perl 5.10.x, but is incredibly slow when
doing 1-bit BMP images on Win32.

* GraphicsMagick is much faster, but even the latest version 1.3.11 from
Feb 2010 simply refuses to install on Perl 5.10. It will only install on
Perl 5.8.x. The ppm install file "Graphics-Magick.ppd" mentions only 5.8
(<ARCHITECTURE NAME="MSWin32-x86-multi-thread-5.8" />)

So my question is: with Perl being at 5.10 officially, why is
GraphicsMagick still only supporting 5.8.x ?

Is there a way to trick GraphicsMagick to use perl 5.10.x ? Simply
replacing/renaming perlxxx.dll won't work.

Oh, and btw: Perl here means ActiveState Perl for Win32. Did not find a way
to install GraphicsMagick for Strawberry Perl.

Thanks for any input.

Re: GraphicsMagick for WinPerl 5.10.x ?

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Since it isn't on CPAN, you'll have to ask the GM authors about that.

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No. You need to rebuild the module against 5.10. If you can, it looks
like rebuilding GM from source would be the easiest way. If you are
using AS Perl you will need a copy of MSVC 6 for this, since I suspect
the AS/gcc emulation stuff won't work right.

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According to INSTALL-unix.txt in the source distro, you should be able
to build GM with Strawberry's bundled compiler, and then build and
install the perl bindings the same way. Alternatively you could try
hacking the build process to just build the perl bindings against an
installed GM. I would start with PerlMagick\Makefile.nt, since it has
less hard-coded rubbish than the Makefile.PL, and try removing the DEFINE
line and editing the LIBS line to point to the right place.


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