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My graphics skills are WAY rusty, and so I was thinking that instead of
struggling through GD:: and friends that I might get a text to help walk me
through it.  Amazon has two Perl graphics books, Graphics Programming with
Perl by Martien Verbruggen and Perl Graphics Programming: Creating SVG, SWF
(Flash), JPEG and PNG files with Perl by Shawn Wallace.  Both are quite old
[from 2002].  Any preferences on which of the two is better?  I *THINK* I
don't need all that much help with things like homogeneous coordinates and
transforms and such than with the computer machinations necessary to get
objects rendered.  Also, do either of the two cover 3D graphics?

THANKS!  /bernie\
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Re: Graphics programming

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This isn't a book recommendation, but if you want to render 3D graphics
you may want to look at the OpenGL and OpenGL::Image modules. After that
I guess you'll need to find an OpenGL book, if you don't already have
one :).


Re: Graphics programming

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