Getting Additional Perl Newsgroups

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My ISP's news server ( distributes only a limited
number of Perl USENET news groups.  In particular, they do not carry

While I can follow this list via and, on a per message
basis, at, I would like to be able to follow this and even
more obscure lists as news, rather than as mail or thru a web interface.

Is there any way I can get such lists as news?

Thank you very much.
Jim Keenan

Re: Getting Additional Perl Newsgroups

Out fo curiosity, what heirarchy is on, alt.* comp.* or which one?


Jim Keenan wrote:
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Re: Getting Additional Perl Newsgroups

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Am I missing something here? Why don't you add to your list
of news servers?


Re: Getting Additional Perl Newsgroups

A. Sinan Unur wrote:
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And so I just did.  For some inexplicable reason, the name
notwithstanding, I was only aware of the web interface (the link you
cited in your follow-up message) to the lists -- so I was
thinking of them as mail lists rather than newsgroups.  (I've also read
the lists via Google as suggested by Peter Allen.)

Actually, I think the reason is not inexplicable.  I always look at the
web interface at my day job -- where I don't have a newsreader.

Part of the reason why I prefer to read these lists as news rather than
through Google is that while I can post to Google and have it
distributed right away, Google takes 6-9 hours to post messages on its
own web page.  So I've often replied to postings on this group or on
c.l.p.modules, only to discover later that 4 other people (usually
including Tad) had already read the original posting and posted
responses before me.

Now let me extend this question a bit.  What prompted me to post the
original question was the discussion yesterday as to how Tad and others
had Googled "retardo Perl" to discover the source of a quotation from
MJD.  But when I Googled "retardo Perl", I came up with many references
to discussions of Perl in Spanish ... which led me to wonder, "How could
I subscribe to Spanish language Usenet news groups?"  Simply adding as a news server doesn't suffice for this.

Any further ideas?  Thanks to all.
Jim Keenan

Re: Getting Additional Perl Newsgroups

On Fri, 15 Oct 2004 01:03:32 GMT, Jim Keenan

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Pfui! I installed FreeAgent there[*]! But then I also "installed"
putty to log to my university Linux account and read mail, etc.  ;-)

Of course this was possible on account of their total lack of security
measueres/controls, etc.

[*] And set up a tiny bat using xdelta to keep data consistent with my
home's installation.

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