"getgrent" call in kernel 2.6.x /perl 5.8.3 ?

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Can somebody help?Hello NG,

I have a problem here with a perl script which make use of the "getgrent"
system call.
This script has been working perfectly under various kernel revisions,
starting with 2.2.x. After upgrading to 2.6.4 in conjunction with system
update suse9.0 -->suse9.1, however, it fails.

It have the idea I has to with the length of the longest line in "group"
which is some 5000 Bytes long (1500 users approx.) . When I shorten this
line to around 3000 Bytes, the script seems to work.

System: suse9.1
kernel: 2.6.4 / 2.6.5
perl  : 5.8.3

The script lines of interest:
while (@groups=getgrent) {
$grgid = $groups[2];

the errormessage simply reads "Out of memory!"

Can somebody help?

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