Free Desktop Computer---Not a Scam

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Yes, this is indeed for real!! A company called Gratis Internet (see
BBB report) is actually giving away free desktop computers. It's a very
simple process. Here are the exact steps you need to complete.

1. Create a free account at

2. Sign-up for any one of the offers on the 'Complete Offer' page...AOL
is good because they offer free trials that can be canceled if you do
not wish to continue using the service. Currently, a credit card is
required for all offers even though they do not charge you.

3. Once you have completed the steps above, you will be given an
referral link, which you have to share it with your friends, so they
can sign-up as well.

4. In order to receive your free Desktop Computer, you will have to
refer at least 10 friends which they will have to sign-up as well for a
free Desktop Computer. Once you have completed the requirements, they
will ship the product for free. GUARANTEED!!!

***Arguments in favor of Free Desktop Computers:

* They are affiliates with high profile sites. AOL, GM, etc, do not
advertise with every scammer on the block, since it would be bad for
* The parent site that runs Free Desktop Computers is Gratis Internet
[aka Gratis Network]. They have several email addresses and phone/fax
numbers on their site, which is professionally done.
* They have been registered with the BBB for several years.
* The economics behind the system make sense.

This is real. Many people have already gotten their free desktop pcs,
so why wait, get yours free right now too. This is not a scam, as many
news websites and channels have been talking about this. Give it a try
and you'll see that this is real. Sign-Up Here:

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