fork and hanging

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I have been searching for the problem on the net but unable to get a
good answer so I'd like to post it here for help.

I have attempted to simultaneously ssh to a number of boxes (with
openssh 3.5p1 - 3.9p1) via forking subprocesses. However, there always
seem to be a few ssh sessions got stuck and thus, my control (parent)
process cannot exit. I have searched for similar problems regarding
ssh hanging with fork, but most results indicated that the issue was
on the remote machine with an inappropriately demonized process (ie.
not redirect 3 input streams). In my scenerio, the forking doesn't
happen on remote site and the remote command is just a simple one
(uname) as  demonstrated in the scripts enclosed below.

In this setting, I have an 'expect' script (spawn.exp) used to cache
the password and feed it to spawned processes ( I am not sure
if there is any animosity between Perl fork and ssh that I am not
aware of?

% ./spawn.exp ./

#!/usr/local/bin/perl -w
use strict;

my %pids;

for my $id ('01'..'05') {
    my $pid = fork();
    die "fork $id: $!\n" unless defined $pid;
    if ($pid == 0) {
        #open STDIN, '</dev/null';
        #open STDOUT, '>/dev/null';
        #open STDERR, '>/dev/null';
        exec 'ssh', "build-$id", 'uname', '-a';
    else {
        $pids = "build-$id";
while (%pids) {
    my $pid = wait();
    last if $pid == -1;
    delete $pids if exists $pids;



#!/usr/bin/expect --

set passwd ""
set timeout -1

eval spawn -noecho $argv
expect {
  "Please try again." {
    set passwd
  "password:" {
    if {$passwd == ""} {
      stty -echo
      send_user " (script) "
      expect_user -re "(.*)\n"
      stty echo
      set passwd $expect_out(1,string)
    } else {
      send_user " (supplied by script) "
    send -- "$passwd\r"

Re: fork and hanging

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I think I'd try having call spawn.exp, not the other way around.
If a single expect is trying to talk to many different processes over
the same file handles at the same time, I wouldn't be surprised if things
often go awry.


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   exec "./spawn.exp ssh build-$id uname -a";

Or something like that, I don't use expect.


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