Finally got SL7 installed

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Hi All,

I finally upgraded from Scientific Linux 6.7 (RHEL clone) to
SL 7.1.  It about killed me.  What a disaster.  I had been
modeling it for months in a virtual machine too.

So, I am now on

$ rpm -qa perl

Bet I am still out-of-date!


Re: Finally got SL7 installed

On Thursday, August 27, 2015 at 1:53:30 AM UTC-7, T wrote:
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Congratulations on the achievement.  

My own Perl work is at

Major goal in life: Trigger a Technological Singularity;  
Minor goal: Overthrow the unelected government of China;  
Minor goal: Win a Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine;  
Minor goal: [X] Reunification of East and West Germany.  

Re: Finally got SL7 installed

On 28/8/2015 2:54 πμ, wrote:

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hi mentifex, is any of your tries close to pass the Turing test ;

Re: Finally got SL7 installed

On Friday, August 28, 2015 at 2:38:12 PM UTC-7, George Mpouras wrote:
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Yes, all four of the Mentifex AI Mind programs in English; in English; in German; and in Russian  

are relatively (to other AI programs) close to  

passing the Turing test.  

These Mentifex AI Minds have attained the IQ-level  

of automated reasoning with inference as seen in  

( product link shortened) -- the Amazon  

Kindle e-book on the InFerence mind module.  

Mentifex AI shows the rest of the filed how  

to _do_ AI, namely, how to establish concepts  

that persist over time and that serve as  

the fundmental, primitive units of cognition.  

It would be useless to try to explain the  

concept-based cognitive architecture right here  

and now on Usenet in the Perl-coding newsgroup.  

A deep study of the artificial Mind is necessary  

as a prerequisite to _discussing_ AI Minds.

Thanks for inquiring,


ATM - Mentifex, B.A. (ancient Greek and Latin lang & lit)

Re: Finally got SL7 installed

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How your code behaves on areas that have no knowledge ; I think you must  
make it able to connect and search web databases looking for knowledge  
for filling the blanks.

so you have to start from scratch with very few lines of code that  
recursive build a non-directed graph database and runk the most  
important nodes

think how small is the dna or the Mandelbrot definition

also what about if from one point of complexity and beyond your code  
become self aware and annihilate all of us as a competitive species  
consuming its resources ?

Re: Finally got SL7 installed

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And I told you so -- these days upgrade is never the answer.  Because


Torvalds' goal for Linux is very simple: World Domination
Stallman's goal for GNU is even simpler: Freedom

Re: Finally got SL7 installed

On 08/27/2015 08:30 PM, Eric Pozharski wrote:
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Hi Eric,

I had to upgrade on so many level that the pain got to
be too much.  I am the area's Linux guy and I also
am IT support to small businesses (mostly Windows).

My office workstation is set up to model my customer's
servers, with VM of all varieties to simulate a
small business and for me to do research on.

SL 6.7 was so freakin' out of that that I was forced to.
Plus I am shooing at a new SL7 server in a few months
and I had to get ready.  systemclt is really not all the
hard once you get your mind wrapped around it.

The upgrade about killed me.  So,so many things have changed.
So, rolling with the punches was more like an endless
spanking line.

Perl being out of date was the least of my issues.

Yesterday when I was trying to get my banking done
to get to a customer on time, I found my scanner
no longer worked with CUSS (common unix scanning system,
a.k.a. SANE).  I prevailed in about 8 minutes.  Seems
like the issues will never stop.  But, I am now down
from three pages to one consolidated page.  All the major
stuff is fixed.  Just little things keeping popping up.
I remind myself that I am good at this kind of stuff
and that is how I make my living.

Fixed a lady who tough she had lost everything today.
Windows logged her in as "TEMP".  I went into her
registry and erase her "TEMP" profile and rebooted
her.  She was ecstatic!  So, this is my life.


Re: Finally got SL7 installed

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For personal laptop/PC the #1 one choice the last years is Linux Mint  

If for some reason you want to stay close to redhat you have to choose  
Fedora but Centos/Redhat is a weird choice (for PC)

Re: Finally got SL7 installed

On 08/28/2015 02:33 PM, George Mpouras wrote:
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Hi George,

My office computer is a full serve mock up: samba, dhcpd, named, full
firewall, yada, yada, yada.

I stay with Red Hat because for servers and Red Hat's professionalism.
Red Hat will take bug reports from me and actually fix things.
I was the one that identified in el5 where cutting a DVD would corrupt
your hard drive.  (I had to restore twice.)  Red Hat fixed it for me.
That creates a lot of loyalty.

I also like to do Fedora as well as what happens in Fedora also
happens later on in EL, so I have advanced warning and can get

I have heard a lot of folks like Mint.

I am thinking of getting my wife a Jolla, which uses Sail Fish


Re: Finally got SL7 installed

On 29/8/2015 21:46, T wrote:
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I really like the latest redhat/centos releases based on systemd without  
gui. They are fast.
Personnaly all my experiments are based on archlinux.
But at my PC I have Mint and Win8.1 well I try to migrate everything on  
linux. Now for the tablets ... if the browser is running the OS does not  
make big difference

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