File-Find and Samba share

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my $wdir = '//CompName/EBooks/CHM/perl/';
find( {wanted => \&CheckCHM}, $wdir );

In WinNT 5, the above code works. The UNC path is
seemless. However in SuSE 9.2 Linux, the find() call
returns a
        Can't stat //CompName/EBooks/CHM/perl: No such file or directory
 at /windows/h/temp/earl/scripts/ line 129

I also tried
my $wdir = 'smb://CompName/EBooks/CHM/perl/';

The EBooks folder is correctly shared via Samba.
I must use this method to name the folder.

thanks in advance,

Re: File-Find and Samba share

On 2005-06-16, tlviewer scribbled these
curious markings:
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The error message is your guide. It's telling you that it can't stat
that file or directory. Is that the path you'd use to access the
filesystem using command-line tools like ls? On its own, Perl doesn't
know anything about Samba.

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You're welcome. Contrary to what one particular poster believes, saying
"TIA" is not rude or anything silly like that.

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[OT] Re: File-Find and Samba share

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