and restricted-hashes: Why wait for perl 5.9.0?

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I have some modules that use (INST_VERSION 2.03) on perl
5.8.0, linux 2.4, i386.

I get repeated warnings that "Pseudo-hashes are deprecated", which is
fine, I asked for it ("use warnings").  I also know the the warnings
can be disabled by 'no warnings "deprecated"'.

perldoc fields says:

perl before 5.9.0: fields::new() creates and blesses a pseudohash [..]
perl 5.9.0 and higher: fields::new() creates and blesses a
restricted-hash [..]

Is there a good reason why does not use restricted-hash in
perl 5.8?  Why wait for perl 5.9.0?  Are there incompatible changes
between the two?

What's the risk of using restricted-hashes in perl 5.8.0?

< if ($] < 5.009) {
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