FFT on a wav file

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Hi all,
after trying a few different modules to perform an FFT on a WAV file I
settled on the following one, Freqext.
I used some of the sample code on the above page to track a moving
frequency "Using the FFT to Track a Moving Frequency".
The outputI am getting back looks correct but for a 13 second file all
the results are compressed into the first half of the output. The
application is returning a long list of results split up over the 13
seconds,  see example output below. All the results unp until 1/2 the
length of the wav file are fine but the second half is always empty.
If the first half of the results were spread over the entire length of
the file it would be correct.
I have tried many different wav files of different length and sample
rate, also i have tried every different size of fft between 8 and
Any Ideas?
Hope you can help,
4.5  5.678
5.0  1.234
5.5  4.567
6.0  3.456
6.5  0.000
7.0  0.000
7.5  0.000
8.0  0.000

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