Fetching to and from and subject from MIME:Parser

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When using MIME:Parser, how can one fetch the subject:, to: and from:
fields from the email message?


Re: Fetching to and from and subject from MIME:Parser

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Have you read the supporting documentation for the class you're using?
perldoc MIME::Parser:

     Before reading further, you should see MIME::Tools to make
     sure that you understand where this module fits into the
     grand scheme of things.

doing what it says, we go to
perldoc MIME::Tools:
     Parsing messages

     You usually start by creating an instance of MIME::Parser
     and setting up certain parsing parameters: what directory to
     save extracted files to, how to name the files, etc.

     You then give that instance a readable filehandle on which
     waits a MIME message.  If all goes well, you will get back a
     MIME::Entity object (a subclass of Mail::Internet), which
     consists of...

     o   A MIME::Head (a subclass of Mail::Header) which holds
         the MIME header data.

I will leave the following the remainder of the documentation trail as
an exercise to the reader.

*After* you've read all the appropriate documentation, if you don't
understand some of it or your code doesn't do what you think it should
based on the documentation, *then* you should post again asking for

Paul Lalli

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