feedback from system() etc. calls?

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I use perl quite often as a glue to tie together
command line tools under Linux.

Recently I have been using tools that have substantial
run times.

IN light of this, some of the tools output progress
reports, either as moving bars, or just messages
at key stages.

At the moment, sadly, I only get these
messages when the command has finished,
which is not so pleasant; I would like to
see them as they are generated.

Has anyone got a variant
of system, popen etc that has
worked through the various issues
of buffering, differentiating STDOUT, SDTERR etc?

Security is not an issue for me; these scripts
are running stand alone from the command line.


Re: feedback from system() etc. calls?

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This might be considered overkill, but POE::Wheel::Run does more
or less everything you might want.

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