fault on add cart page

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I have a problem that I cannot find

The site has been working all ok BUT all of a sudden a fault has come up

I have a page  ( shopping cart page ) where I can select things then
goto the bottom of the page and press a button ( ADD TO CART ) which
then should go to a cgi script and run it BUT for some reason when you
press the add button it brings the name of the script up and ask if you
want to safe the cgi script.

Any help would be most welcome


Re: fault on add cart page

Quoth Tami@des.com:
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You have a server configuration problem. Your server is not running the
CGI script, but instead is serving it back to the browser as-is. If you
are using Apache, you may need to move the script to a cgi-bin directory
or turn on Options ExecCGI; otherwise, or if this doesn't help, you will
need to ask in a group relevant to your web server.


Re: fault on add cart page

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Hi Ben

Thank you for getting back to me.

I thought it might be that BUT I ran a test script and it works fine.

The script is in the right directory as it all worked before this fault

Running   Apache  


Re: fault on add cart page

Tami@des.com wrote:
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I have a problem, too, but it is easy to find: what does your problem have
to do with Perl?


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