FAQ needed for PERL/PERL5 modules and paths

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Can someone direct me to an explanation of the difference between
- perl
- perl5

In particular, I think it would be useful to have the users, purpose and
persistency of the variables described in a central location.  Also, why
do we continue to maintain the distinction between perl and perl5?

perlmodinstall makes the extraordinary statement:

For instance, where I say "perl Makefile.PL", you can substitute "perl
Makefile.PL PREFIX=/my/perl_directory" to install the modules into
"/my/perl_directory".  Then you can use the modules from your Perl
programs with "use lib "/my/perl_directory/lib/site_perl";" or sometimes
just "use "/my/perl_directory";".

thus suggesting that the only way to use non-standard paths is by
modifying the source code.  If that were true, it would be a reason to
switch to python or something else.

Any thoughts are appreciated,

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