FAQ 8.7 How do I clear the screen?

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This is an excerpt from the latest version perlfaq8.pod, which
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8.7: How do I clear the screen?

    If you only have do so infrequently, use "system":


    If you have to do this a lot, save the clear string so you can print it
    100 times without calling a program 100 times:

            $clear_string = `clear`;
            print $clear_string;

    If you're planning on doing other screen manipulations, like cursor
    positions, etc, you might wish to use Term::Cap module:

            use Term::Cap;
            $terminal = Term::Cap->Tgetent( {OSPEED => 9600} );
            $clear_string = $terminal->Tputs('cl');


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Re: FAQ 8.7 How do I clear the screen?

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Which of course only works on those systems with a 'clear' command
that does what you want.

This answer should be noted as being system-specific, and unless
there's a mechanism that works [almost-]everywhere Perl does, the
question should also be so noted.

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On Windows-ish systems, where there is no 'clear' command, there is a
'cls' command; it has historically been users of these systems who
write programs that clear the screen (and ask how to do it in
language-specific newsgroups).  Nowadays with windowing systems
ubiquitous and screen real-estate increasing, perhaps the answer
should be more like


        You really want to?
        OK, clarify what you mean by "screen":
        - a text window of fixed size?
        - a text window of arbitrary, possibly variable, size?
        - a graphical window?
        - every pixel displayed on one monitor?
        - every pixel displayed on every monitor in front of one user?
        - something else?

        Some of these are easy, some less so.
        Some of these may be desirable, some less so.


Re: FAQ 8.7 How do I clear the screen?

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Anything that uses system() is system specific :)

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