FAQ 7.24 Why can't a method included in this same file be found?

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7.24: Why can't a method included in this same file be found?

    Some possible reasons: your inheritance is getting confused, you've
    misspelled the method name, or the object is of the wrong type. Check
    out perltoot for details about any of the above cases. You may also use
    "print ref($object)" to find out the class $object was blessed into.

    Another possible reason for problems is because you've used the indirect
    object syntax (eg, "find Guru "Samy"") on a class name before Perl has
    seen that such a package exists. It's wisest to make sure your packages
    are all defined before you start using them, which will be taken care of
    if you use the "use" statement instead of "require". If not, make sure
    to use arrow notation (eg., "Guru->find("Samy")") instead. Object
    notation is explained in perlobj.

    Make sure to read about creating modules in perlmod and the perils of
    indirect objects in "Method Invocation" in perlobj.


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