FAQ 4.51 How do I permute N elements of a list?

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4.51: How do I permute N elements of a list?

    Use the "List::Permutor" module on CPAN. If the list is actually an
    array, try the "Algorithm::Permute" module (also on CPAN). It's written
    in XS code and is very efficient.

            use Algorithm::Permute;
            my @array = 'a'..'d';
            my $p_iterator = Algorithm::Permute->new ( \@array );
            while (my @perm = $p_iterator->next) {
               print "next permutation: (@perm)\n";

    For even faster execution, you could do:

            use Algorithm::Permute;
            my @array = 'a'..'d';
            Algorithm::Permute::permute {
                    print "next permutation: (@array)\n";
                    } @array;

    Here's a little program that generates all permutations of all the words
    on each line of input. The algorithm embodied in the "permute()"
    function is discussed in Volume 4 (still unpublished) of Knuth's *The
    Art of Computer Programming* and will work on any list:

            #!/usr/bin/perl -n
            # Fischer-Kause ordered permutation generator

            sub permute (&@) {
                    my $code = shift;
                    my @idx = 0..$#_;
                    while ( $code->(@_[@idx]) ) {
                            my $p = $#idx;
                            --$p while $idx[$p-1] > $idx[$p];
                            my $q = $p or return;
                            push @idx, reverse splice @idx, $p;
                            ++$q while $idx[$p-1] > $idx[$q];

            permute split;


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Re: FAQ 4.51 How do I permute N elements of a list?

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Just out of curiosity, does anyone know if he will ever publish the rest
of the volumes? I found the first 3 in the bargain bin of a used book
store for a dime each! Just about fell over.

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