FAQ 2.2 How can I get a binary version of perl?

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This is an excerpt from the latest version perlfaq2.pod, which
comes with the standard Perl distribution. These postings aim to
reduce the number of repeated questions as well as allow the community
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2.2: How can I get a binary version of perl?

    For Windows, ActiveState provides a pre-built Perl for free:

            http://www.activestate.com /

    Sunfreeware.com provides binaries for many utilities, including Perl,
    for Solaris on both Intel and SPARC hardware:

            http://www.sunfreeware.com /

    If you don't have a C compiler because your vendor for whatever reasons
    did not include one with your system, the best thing to do is grab a
    binary version of gcc from the net and use that to compile perl with.
    CPAN only has binaries for systems that are terribly hard to get free
    compilers for, not for Unix systems.

    Some URLs that might help you are:


    Someone looking for a perl for Win16 might look to Laszlo Molnar's djgpp
    port in http://www.cpan.org/ports/#msdos , which comes with clear
    installation instructions.


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Re: FAQ 2.2 How can I get a binary version of perl?

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We should add a reference to Strawberry Perl. http://strawberryperl.com /


Re: FAQ 2.2 How can I get a binary version of perl?

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Fixed, thanks.

I also noted all of the other platforms that ActiveState targets.

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