FAQ 1.6 What is Perl 6?

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1.6: What is Perl 6?

    At The Second O'Reilly Open Source Software Convention, Larry Wall
    announced Perl 6 development would begin in earnest. Perl 6 was an oft
    used term for Chip Salzenberg's project to rewrite Perl in C++ named
    Topaz. However, Topaz provided valuable insights to the next version of
    Perl and its implementation, but was ultimately abandoned.

    If you want to learn more about Perl 6, or have a desire to help in the
    crusade to make Perl a better place then peruse the Perl 6 developers
    page at http://dev.perl.org/perl6/ and get involved.

    Perl 6 is not scheduled for release yet, and Perl 5 will still be
    supported for quite awhile after its release. Do not wait for Perl 6 to
    do whatever you need to do.

    "We're really serious about reinventing everything that needs
    reinventing." --Larry Wall


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