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Re: Extract sample (w/o replacement)

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Not quite. The cost is proportional to the size of the part of the array
which has to be moved. Removing a single element at the start or end of
the array is very cheap, removing one from the middle of a large array
rather costly.  

Also, the cost is not symmetrical: Removing an element from the second
half is cheaper than removing one from the first half: On my desktop,
using perl 5.14, removing a single element from just before the middle
of a 100000 element array takes a bit over 50 µs, removing one just
after the middle a bit under 20 µs. Both halves are linear, so an
obvious (but probably very minor) optimization would be to change the
method after the first third instead of after half.

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This is sometimes worthwhile but, as Rainer already pointed out, not in
this case.


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