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misc - this has got to be the place.

Sorry if this is outside the limits of a perl question, but has anyone
ever worked with HTML, preparing it for an Excel HTML import?  We are
sending HTML to the client via


But the rendering in Excel is terrible.  Is there a perl
ExcelPrepHTML.pm out there?  I wish I knew more about the Excel import
rules, but I don't.  Hoping someone else does; then stuck it all in a

I see some code out there that use OLE to manipulate the workbook, but
this is strictly a hand off.

Thank you

Re: ExcelPrepHTML.pm

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Does it have to be HTML?

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Re: ExcelPrepHTML.pm

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No, but I'd rather just scoot over what I'm given.  It's basically the
tables we're after.   I suppose we could strip it down but we never
know exactly what we're getting.

Re: ExcelPrepHTML.pm

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The xlsx format is pure XML. This means that you can write a script
that generates ASCII and Excel 2007 will render it natively.

To see what I mean, take an Excel file, change the xlsx extension to a
zip extension, and then unzip the file.

Obviously, generating an Excel file this way is extremely difficult,
but it IS possible. Better IMO is to generate files in simple CSV
format which Excel also opens natively -- except that this excludes
formatting and formulas.


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