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I am trying to generate an excel report based using perl
spreadsheet::writeexcel.pm module.
I have a column header as say "Example Name:  <<Variable_input>>".
This whole context is in one single cell. However, I need to have
"Example Name" as bold, and Variable_Input as a normal font character.

I tried splitting the two strings into two cells , but this is causing
allignment issues in my report , for the lower cells of the report.

Can someone please help? Any way of having two formats in one single
cell using spreadsheet::writetext?

Appreciate your reply.


Re: Excel Formatting

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The default format for Excel 2007 is OOXML. You can generate an Excel
file, with an XSLX extension, by producing an ASCII text file.

Doing it manually is extremely tedious. However, if you are generating
a report template to use on a regular basis, it's no worse than
writing a script that you run at regular intervals.

I haven't tried this, but according to the Microsoft documentation, if
you change the .xlsx extension to a .zip extension and open it with a
zip utility, you can read the files that create the workbook.

I produce a lot of Excel readable files in csv format, which is good
for my needs, so I haven't experimented with xlsx. However, I also
produce Word files and generate .doc documents using WordProcessingML,
the predecessor to OOXML 2007, and it works very well.


Re: Excel Formatting


Thanks for your answer.
Actually this is an existing file, where in I was supposed to fix few
I did not want to touch other cells using merge_range, but I guess I
do not have any option.

I worked out the merge_range way, and my issue is resolved now.

Thanks once again!

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