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Re: Embedding code in qq{}?

I come to despise long chains of replies with several levels of
quoting all going over the same points, or people shifting goalposts
or going on into more false things.

I believe that I have adequately demonstrated, by quotations from man
pages and from test programs,
- $BLOCK, @BLOCK, and the rest take a BLOCK as defined by Perl,
  so long as the BLOCK finishes with a reference of the type demanded
  by the sigil
- they may be used as values in expressions whever a similar variable
  might be used
- someone else pointed out that only $BLOCK and @BLOCK may be
  interpolated into strings -- thank you for that.  (I'm sorry I've
  forgotten who, and I can't check while composing an article).  I
  assume the same is true for the right-hand side of s///
- I think it's not a particularly good idea except in certain simple
  cases -- removing the BLOCK and assigning a variable before would
  usually be clearer

I don't see much point in going on, unless someone posts something
new and false.

Tim McDaniel, tmcd@panix.com

Re: Embedding code in qq{}?

Quoth tmcd@panix.com:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

This statement is false.

(Or, if you prefer, 'This statement is unprovable.'.)


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