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I have a problem which I thought of discussing with you lot so as to
get your views on the solution.

In my intranet there is an section where we have our customer details.
This is fairly straight as all the details are saved in customer.log
file on the unix directory.

There is one index.cgi file which has certain columns which allow us
to add customer and search by several fields including customer name,
location etc.

Now the PROBLEM:  We do not have any cgi script to edit these details.
As told before the details are stored in
customer.log file and I suppose I would have to create a link in
index.cgi to edit all the details displayed .

Would somebody be able to let me know how to change these details ,
creating a new link in index.cgi.

Sample fields in the index.cgi is as below.

<tr><td>Almstrong</td><td>Cust Name</td><td>Shit Bing</td><td>Liabel
Support Team</td><td>Number:</td></tr>
<tr><td>Almstrong</td><td>Cust Name</td><td>Dove Solo</td><td>Liabel
Support Team</td><td>Number:</td></tr>

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Re: Editing HTML Page

invincible wrote:
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Many people don't know or remember the details you may have posted.

Quoted text here. Click to load it
Parse the file. in your CGI.
Display the data in an HTML form.
When it's submitted, the CGI will parse the input and rewrite the file.
( Note the permissions on the file need to be writable by the owner
of the process running the Web server. )

Start by learning about CGI and the different elements HTML provides
in a form.  When you're ready to program it, there are many
options that will help, usually CGI can tackle it:

perldoc CGI

Re: Editing HTML Page

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Did you type this in or do you really have a field called "<td>Shit

Bill H

Re: Editing HTML Page

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If it was for testing, then everybody knows you should use:

   <td>Rich Bastard</td>

Tad McClellan
email: perl -le "print scalar reverse qq/moc.noitatibaher0cmdat/"

Re: Editing HTML Page

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It ws just for testing

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