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I've been wondering for a while if it is possible to have dynamic form
To make it clear, I've used common parse_form subroutines and then read form
        $form_input = "$FORM";
Now, when I have manymany checkboxes in my form I need to write every
form_name manually because the code above doesn't quite accept variables as
        $form_input = "$FORM";
no matter whether I use " '' " or not.
I would appreciate a solution for this problem. At the moment I'd like to
think that it lies in the parse_form subroutine...?

Re: Dynamic FORM names

Juhani Elbanvetäjä wrote:
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Yes, of course.

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Exactly what do you mean by "doesn't quite accept"? Whatever you mean, I
find it hard to believe that you can't access a hash value while
specifying the key as a variable.

     our %FORM = ( somename => 'somevalue' );
     my $form_name = 'somename';
     my $form_input = $FORM;
     print "$form_input\n";


Accordingly, I'd guess that you are making some other mistake.

Please study the posting guidelines for this group:

Doing so you'll see that in order to increase your chances to get help,
you are recommended to post a short but complete program that others can
copy and run and that demonstrates the problem you are having.

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If that's actually the case, the only solution to your problem you are
likely to get here is that you'd better start using the more up-to-date
parsing routine provided by CGI.pm.

Gunnar Hjalmarsson
Email: http://www.gunnar.cc/cgi-bin/contact.pl

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