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Re: Dummy regex question

>> This is, of course, perfectly valid (it doesn't actually help the OP,
>> because the OP didn't give accurate information about his problem).
>> And there are, of course, more than one ways to do it. In general


> How much more accurate do I need to be?
> * I asked a question with a clear description of the problem: How to
> split string that contains a space.

Clearly, however, the string you were trying to split did not contain a
space but  , the HTML entity for 'non breaking space'.

> * Proposed solution didn't do the job,

The proposed solution did the job for the problem you described.

> * Not due to not giving inaccurate information, but due to
> the problem being obfuscated by an idiosyncracy of the OS

It has nothing to do with the OS.   means 'non-breaking space'. As
such, HTML::Entities converts it to "0" not a space character.

> I don't think that saying I didn't give accurate information is
> entirely fair...

It is more than fair, and your resistance to learning is astounding me.

A. Sinan Unur
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