Digest Authentication encoding issue

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Hello when i try the following code from cmd

htdigest -c "C:\path\passfile" "=CE=94=CE=B7=CE=BC=CE=B9=CE=BF=CF=85=CF=81=
=CE=BC=CE=AD=CE=BD=CF=89=CE=BD!" webmaster

console understand it as Adding password for webmaster in realm
=CE=9A=E2=95=AC=E2=95=9C!. as a result not
a proper md5 crypt of the realm resultign to a faulty authentication

What can i do? Sorry for this not beign a perl questiosn i tried other
forums but i though of askignj this here perhaps to see if i can a
result by trying the same thing from within a perl script file. But
wont ti also use dos to take place like? in backticks still wotn work:
print `htdigest -c "C:\path\passfile" "=CE=94=CE=B7=CE=BC=CE=B9=CE=BF=CF=85=
webmaster so what's left?

Here is what i my attempt to do the same thing through a cgi perl
script using the Digest::MD5 module

open FILE, ">>$ENV/some_path/some_other_path/
some_pass_file" or die $!; print FILE "webmaster:=CE=94=CE=B7=CE=BC=CE=B9=CE=
=CE=94=CE=B5=CE=B4=CE=BF=CE=BC=CE=AD=CE=BD=CF=89=CE=BD!:" .Digest::MD5::md5_=
=CE=94=CE=B5=CE=B4=CE=BF=CE=BC=CE=AD=CE=BD=CF=89=CE=BD!:this_is_the_pass") .=
"\n"; close FILE;

But when it comes to authentication when i enter the credentials
apache says there are wrong.
An encoding issue again? the init.pl file which the above code resides
is encoded in 'UTF-8'.

Please suggest something else than hitting my head on the wall

so please someone answer me, is this an encoding issue again?
Why when the user gives the username and password at http
authentication the credentials won't match the ones stored in the
password file?
What might be the problem? ?You think its encoding?

ps. I must tell you i aksed this in devshed and perlmonks but didnt
get any luck so iam posting here too for help. Thenk you.

Re: Digest Authentication encoding issue

Thanks for the help.

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