differences between NET:LDAP and NET:LDAPapi

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can someone point me to a documet(s) where the differences betwween thsse
two modules are hightlighted

specifically in the writing of an entry to the directory...

I have created the entry and am attempting to write using NET::LDAP but
keep getting an error

failed to add entry: Object class violation at ./e2.pl line 87

the code is as follows

$list = {
                    'objectClass' => ['top','mjDistributionList'],
                            'cn' => ["AUT"],
                            'mj_admin_passwd' => ["apassword"],
                            'mj_moderate' => ['TRUE'],
                            'owner' => [$list_owner],
                            'description' => ["AUT mailing list"],
                            'mj_approve_passwd' => ["aut.approve"],
                            'mj_submit_policy' => ["restricted"],
                            'mj_subscribe_policy' => ["closed"],
                            'mj_restrict_post' => \@senders,
                            'mj_DLMembers' => []

$ret = $ldap->add(dn=>$dn,attrs => [@$list]);

if ($ret != LDAP_SUCCESS){
  $ret->code && warn "failed to add entry: ", $ret->error ;
} else {
  print "Added $rdn successfully\n";

Is there any difference in how the two modules wrap the entry before they
add to the directory??


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