deployment of common scripts across multiple domains?

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(note: please suggest another newsgroup where there might be cPanel
experts also familiar with Perl! - a Google search did not return any)

I provide online services that include applications written using perl.
For several years I have been hosting these services on shared servers
(cPanel, Unix/Linux with third party hosting providers) using a single
master domain name, creating a subdomain for each subscriber.  That has
enabled me to maintain common libraries created in subdirectories
located under the master domain on each server that are accessable from
each of the individual subdomains via the perl "require" statement.
That deployment has served me well except, under cPanel architecture on
a shared server with a third party provider, I am unable to efficiently
capture server resource consumption by subdomain in real time
(bandwidth particularly).

Presently my services are spread over 5 shared servers, each with its
own master domain to which the entire cPanel diskspace and bandwidth
have been allocated.  The obvious solution and one I could afford,
would be to consolidate these all onto one dedicated server.  I would
actually save money each month by doing so, but I greatly fear the
exposure to disaster associated with having EVERYTHING on one server.
Additionally, because service technicians are human too, I believe that
efforts expended to prevent or to fix problems are probably directly
related to the potential quantity of trouble tickets a problem will
generate.  In other words, problems on a shared server may have
hundreds of people screaming, while even on a fully managed dedicated
server there'd be only me.

So, other than by use of a dedicated server, does anyone have any
suggestions I can use to efficiently maintain common scripts across
multiple domains and thus be able to use the mechanisms built into
cPanel to control bandwidth?


Within my current subdomain based deployment, capture bandwidth by
subdomain to enable reporting of same to my subscribers -- an "on
demand" solution would be sufficient -- perhaps via scripting that
accesses cPanels internal bandwidth recording (is that possible)?
Any related suggestions are welcomed!

Thank You,


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