deploying perl applets

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I mostly write Perl script for my own use, but sometimes write them for oth=
ers. To date, all these others have been IT, and it's not too hard to have =
them install Perl (on Windows mostly ActiveState but sometimes Strawberry),=
 copy the source to their machine, invoke the command interpreter, and run =
the script. Some younger IT folks don't especially like the command line, b=
ut they understand how it's done.

Now, I've been tasked with delivering scripts to non IT folks, and my one e=
xperience to date has been failure. If I were writing in C, I'd deliver an =
ececutable, with Java I'd deliver compiled byte code, with one of the .NET =
languages I'd simply use the VS distributable.

How to I do the same with a Perl script?

That is, I want to avoid having users (1) install Perl, (2) update their pa=
th if necessary, (3) invoke the command prompt, (4) navigate to the appropr=
iate directory in DOS, and (5) run the script from the command line. I'd li=
ke to send them a file, tell them to install it, and then click on the icon=

I have a feeling that this isn't a problem that Perl was designed to solve,=
 and that perhaps I'll have to write these apps in another language.

Thanks, CC.

Re: deploying perl applets

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You may want to try PerlApp or perl2exe. Haven't tried them, I just
know they exist.

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