DBI and MS SQL 2000 Server - Where to start?

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Reposting this, 'cause none of the air-heads on perl.dbi.users could
even be bothered to answer this:

Ok, I am trying to write code on win32 platform to access MS SQL 2000
server. Portability is not really an issue today, but I have decided to
go down the DBI road, just in case. I imagine writing a large Perl/SQL
Server toolkit in perl.

So DBI interface is all I hear about.  But what is he DBD that I should
use to acess MS SQL 2000 (and soon 2005) servers? Any of you chaps got
a choice recomendation.  It seems to me that there are least three

2. DBI::Sybase - with some FREETDS stuff (or is this just for *NIX?)
3: DBI::ODBC  - ADO must be better right?

and there are probably even more.  I would like to hear from someone
who has done a lot of this before. BTW; I also do a lot of OLE/SQL-DMO
stuff with perl, but the DBI is a new area for me.

Re: DBI and MS SQL 2000 Server - Where to start?

Hello Bob,

Bob wrote:


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I use DBI::ODBC to connect to MS SQL Servers.


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