Daemons and flie locking

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Tested on RedHat and Ubuntu

I am trying to create a daemon the tails and parses a "binary" (fixed
length record) log-file.  I have tried using Proc::Daemon and rolling
my own daemonization code and I really don't think that is the issue
though.  My problem is when I try to create a run-lock pid file in /

the basic flow is:

- start syslog
- become a daemon
- try to create/open & flock a pid file
- ... everything else

I know syslog is working even after the forks.  I know the forks are
working.  I know the pid file is being initially created but flock
bombs and tells me "Inappropriate ioctl for device".

the pid file open code is:

        die "Can not open pid file: $PIDFILEPATH\n";
    if (flock($PIDFILE, LOCK_EX | LOCK_NB) != 0) {
        die "Can not lock pid file: $PIDFILEPATH: $!: $?\n";
    truncate($PIDFILE, 0) ||
        die "Can not truncate pid file: $PIDFILEPATH\n";
    print $PIDFILE "$$\n";

The "$PIDFILEPATH" is /var/run/filename.pid


Re: Daemons and flie locking

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Perl's flock returns true on success and false on failure. All false
values compare numerically equal to 0, so this test is exactly
backwards. The value in $! is from some other error. Try

    if (!flock($PIDFILE, LOCK_EX|LOCK_NB)) {

or, in the same style as the other lines

    flock($PIDFILE, LOCK_EX|LOCK_NB) ||
        die ...;

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Why do you include $? here? What possible relevance does the exit status
of the last waited process have?


Re: Daemons and flie locking

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According to 'perodoc -f flock', flock "Returns true for success, false
on failure.", i.e much the same as sysopen and truncate.

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Brian Raven

Re: Daemons and flie locking

Ben, Brian,

You are both absolutely correct.  Bone-headed me.  Same thing with the
"$?".  I have been floundering for a while and forgot what all I had
tried.  I still have issues but it is not this.

thanks for the extra eyes

Re: Daemons and flie locking


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Even though this posting is about mod_perl, look at this:

But, if you search for "Inappropriate ioctl for device" on
the internet it seems to be default $! for the open function
via ENOTTY for it.

So even though open worked, the flock is or'd with
a non-blocking wait and returns right away.
You have to check the return value true/false.
But it looks like you die if the return value is true ( != 0 ).

The other thing might be the file permission, but it opened ok.

Try the flock without the non-blocking.
    if (!flock($PIDFILE, LOCK_EX)) {
        die "Can not lock pid file: $PIDFILEPATH: $!: $?\n";

Of course it could be anything. It depends on what your
OS does with locks.
I'm no expert, its just what I read about it.


Re: Daemons and flie locking

Dean Karres wrote:

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Others have already pointed out the wrong sense on your err check.  I
thought that that was the case before even seeing your code, because to
"Inappropriate ioctl" just screams 'You are inspecting $! when you ought
not be'.  I don't think I've ever seen that error reported under any
other situation.


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