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This post is simply to document the solution to a cygwin error so that
those who have the same issue can find the solution when they do a
Google Groups search.  Please do not flame me for posting this here.
If you object to the presence of this post here, the best thing you can
do at this point is ignore it, and it will soon drop off your radar.

I've installed cygwin on various machines over the years and never
gotten this error until today when I tried installing cygwin on a new
machine.  The error is:

     "bash: can't find configuration file

There is no such configuration file in cygwin, and this error is
misleading.  If you receive this error it means that your HOME system
variable is not set.  This procedure describes setting the HOME
variable on an XP machine.

1. Launch the Control Panel:

Go to Start | Settings | Control Panel.

2. Launch the System Properties dialog from the Control Panel.

Category view:
Click "Performance and Maintenence", then "See basic information about
your computer".

Classic view:
Double click the System icon.

3. Set the HOME variable.

On the System Properties dialog, click the Advanced tab.  Then click
the Environment Variables button to launch the Environment Variables

Under System variables, click the New button.  Next to Variable name,
enter HOME.  Next to Variable value, enter a path to the folder you
wish to set as your home directory.  For example:

     C:\Documents and Settings\<user_name>\My Documents\cygwin_home

Click OK to dismiss the Environment Variables dialog and then OK to
dismiss System Properties dialog.

4. Rerun Cygwin.

Best regards,

Re: Cygwin error regarding

For some reason, a carriage return crept into that error message.  Here
it is:

"bash: can't find configuration file /usr/local/etc/" wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

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