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I'm trying to use CSV_XS to parse log files.
Each field is separated by a comma and surround by double quotes.

Within each field, there may be embdedded double and single quotes.
These embedded quotes are escaped by a backslash.

I'm having trouble getting it to work.  I have two questions:

1) The entire script fails at the first line it can't parse.  How can
I make it ignore the current line and continue?
     I'm using getline() to read the file, like this:

    open my $io, "<", $logname or warn("Cannot open file $ for
reading. $!");
    while (my $line = $csv->getline($io)) {


2) How should I instantiate my $csv object to get it to recognize my
escape character?

I tried this:

my $csv = Text::CSV_XS->new( {
    escape_char => '\',
    sep_char => ',',
    binary => 1,
} );

Re: CSV_XS Question

Quoth jeffg@programmer.net:
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You want to die at this point, not warn. There's no point continuing if
the open failed: $io is undef, and the rest of the program will just
give unhelpful errors.

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->getline returns false on EOF or on parse error. You can tell the
difference with ->eof; something like

    while (my $line = $csv->getline($io)) {

    unless ($csv->eof) {
        warn "bad line in CSV file\n";
        redo CSV;

Alternatively you could read the lines in yourself and call ->parse on
them; that way you can show the user what the bad line looked like. Be
careful to make sure you get complete records, if you do this.

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It looks to me as though you need the allow_loose_escapes option, to
allow you to escape ' when it doesn't really need it.


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